3 Things You Didn’t Know About USPS

Today we have some fun facts about the USPS. After working in this industry for many years i can share some insider details and secrets many don’t know about. But the facts are definitely out there if you do the research. A simple Google search can give great results.

3 Things You May Not Have Known About The USPS:

1.) Mail Sledding

Back in Alaska, the mail used could be delivered by sled dogs. However, in 60’s the last dogsled mail route was turned into an airplane route. Which is still used to this day.  Sled dogs are still being used as a transportation source to this day. Many locals can get from store to store and get shopping done. And of course the Iditarod race is still going strong every year out in Alaska!

2.) A Boxed Baby

Though it has always been against postal laws and regulations, there have been several instances on record where parents/family’s mailed their own children in back in the beginning days of postal routes. As fact, in the early 1900’s a baby was shipped to his mother who lived miles away! Weighing under the 15-pound limit, the baby’s caretakers only paid 25 cents for a postage fee. Oh my! Oh my!

3.) Mail Postal Hero’s

From the 80’s, the USPS Carrier Alert Program helped protect the wellbeing of elderly and in addition disabled postal service customers. USPS service carriers will alert emergency personnel staff members if they notice a buildup of mail at a home or other circumstances that might bring up an accident or illness that has occurred unknownly. This is just a few of the many good things that the USPS does for our citizens and communities.

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